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Where do we meet?

Everything can take place online. Online coaching sessions take place on Zoom or Google Meets, your preference. All you need is a quiet space with a solid internet connection where we can meet online without distraction. Most of the tools and resources I send you can be used digitally or printed.  We can meet in your office, when you're at home or even when you're chilling on the beach!


I also offer face to face workshops for groups and face to face group coaching.

What type of clients do you usually have? 

Clients and their backgrounds are so varied. I'm worked with men and women from all over the world who are feeling 'stuck' and don't know what to do, want to make changes in their careers, or are going through a transitional phase like becoming a parent. Some of my clients come to me because they just don't feel at their happiest or most fulfilled and want to explore what's going on. Some clients want to make positive changes in their lives such as finding more balance or building mental wealth. 

All clients are united in their want to live a better life and often this involves deep self exploration, building self awareness and making changes, which I facilitate.

I've struggled with mental health issues, can you help me? 

Yes, of course. It's important to let me know about any mental health treatment you're receiving currently or have received in the past. As an ethical practitioner I will always work within the parameters of what I'm qualified for. I'm not a clinical psychologist so I don't diagnose or treat mental health conditions. Enhanced Wellbeing can work in conjunction with mental health treatments. Research has shown that positive psychology and coaching psychology can be highly effective for decreasing depressive symptoms, promoting post traumatic growth and and alleviating anxiety to enhance your overall wellbeing.

It's highly important to me that everyone gets the right type of help and support, if you're unsure I'm more than happy to guide you about the parameters of my services and even point you in the direction of other people that can help you.

If you have any other questions you'd like answered, fill in the Contact me Form at the bottom of the page

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