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enhanced wellbeing for groups & organisations

Wellbeing is not only a vital outcome in's a means to other outcomes.

Enhanced wellbeing leads to happier people, more productivity, lower turnover, less stress & burnout, more innovation,  and better workplaces.

Be proactive in making your organisation a better place for everyone. 

EW for G & O
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Evidence-based Consultancy

I work with groups and organisations to assess, guide & implement programs. I work in partnership with organisations to align programs with the strategic goals and specific needs of the organisation using empirically supported assessments, interviews and data collection. 


Tailor-made Workshops & Resources

I design and deliver workshops suitable to any and all stakeholders within an organisation.

previous topics have included:

  • Positive leadership

  • Enhancing occupational wellbeing 

  • Creating positive workplaces

  • How to flourish at work

  • Managing stress and preventing burnout

  • Mindfulness 

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Individual & Group Coaching

Evidence-based coaching is an effective strategy facilitate learning and development. previous topics I've worked with include:

  • Leadership skills development

  • Career transition

  • Working with groups to create collaborative objectives,  goals & plans 


Goal, philosophy & policy building 

It's so important that initiatives don't just happen in isolation. For the most effective approach wellbeing initiatives should be part of the wider culture of the environment. I work in collaboration with the organisation to develop and align the wider environment to enhance wellbeing. 

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