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wellbeing support
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Integrated, multi-disciplinary approach

Anna McMahon

Wellbeing Coaching Psychologist

| PGCE | MSc | MBPsS | M.Ps.S.I. |

Anna is a qualified and accredited Wellbeing Coaching Psychologist as well as the founder of Enhanced Wellbeing. She is passionate about helping people to improve their wellbeing and make life better. Anna’s practice is embedded in up-to-date empirically supported techniques and strategies from positive psychology and coaching psychology. When wanting to make changes in her own life to enhance her wellbeing Anna saw that finding the right support and guidance was a challenge and so, Enhanced Wellbeing was born.

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"When I think of the time and money that I wasted googling  mental health, buying self-help books and trying to figure it all out on my own I could kick myself!

Coaching with Anna was the best thing I ever did for my wellbeing. I knew that I wasn't satisfied with my life but I couldn't figure out what changes to make on my own. I only wish I had realised earlier that it makes total sense to consult an expert....Anna is an expert and was totally focused on me and what I needed.

Her coaching brought me clarity and self-awareness.  I made changes in my personal life and it also changed how I ran my business and engaged with my employees.

Working with Anna was the best thing I ever did for myself and my business."

– Michael (Self-professed change maker and business owner)

– A.S. (Going through a career change)

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