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Are you stuck in Resolution Rut?

The chat around New Year’s usually involves mentions of our resolutions. Resolutions are all about making a change. It’s human nature to want better for yourself.

Maybe you want

- To feel better

- Work better

- Look better

- Do better

Every year we make New Year’s resolutions with hope and optimism that this year will be different. Unfortunately for most of us our New Year’s resolutions fail and we end up

- Making the same resolutions year on year.

- Losing hope and optimism that things can change

- Feeling more and more deflated as time goes on.

You’re in a Resolution Rut.

Wanting to change and improve is just the start. To get yourself out of the resolution rut you need to do something differently this year. Research shows that getting some support with your new year’s resolutions can help you to be significanlty more successful (Oscarsson et al., 2020).

For help and support with your new year’s resolutions join my 30-day program just €29.

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