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" It is a genuine privilege to work with my clients to enhance wellbeing. The best part of what I do is having the opportunity to connect with people in an authentic, meaningful and proactive way."

- Anna McMahon

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Anna always expresses gratitude every time I speak to her. It's incredible that she can find things to be grateful for in every encounter- it's very humbling. She is incredibly generous, with her time, perspective, knowledge, ideas and compassion. She'll listen to whatever I want to talk about and is one of the only people I know that is actually listening to every single word. It makes me feel important and appreciated

– A.S.

(Going through a career change)

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When I think of the time and money that I wasted googling  mental health, buying self-help books and trying to figure it all out on my own I could kick myself!

Coaching with Anna was the best thing I ever did for my wellbeing. I knew that I wasn't satisfied with my life but I couldn't figure out what changes to make on my own. I only wish I had realised earlier that it makes total sense to consult an expert....Anna is an expert and was totally focused on me and what I needed.

Her coaching brought me clarity and self-awareness.  I made changes in my personal life and it also changed how I ran my business and engaged with my employees.

Working with Anna was the best thing I ever did for myself and my business. 



(Self-professed change maker and business owner)

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– Emily

(Feeling 'stuck' in her current job)

Anna provided the perfect environment for me to explore what I wanted, how to get there and what was holding me back. Her sessions would always find the right balance of challenge and support, and left me feeling motivated to take action on things I'd been putting off for ages

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Anna is open, warm and genuine which allows her to build excellent rapport with her clients. The attachments and genuine bonds formed resulted in absolute trust and therefore a deeper level of coaching for me. Anna is grounded, authentic, non-judgemental and unapologetic which made me feel like I could be my most authentic and confident self. I didn't feel I had to be politely modest! I felt comfortable being my best self because Anna made me feel welcome. I felt completely psychologically safe with her because she knows her stuff. Her acute listening and challenging skills let me develop deeper insights into my goals and obstacles.


– Amy

(Transitioning after being made redundant)

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