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From Burnt out & unfulfilled
International Teacher
Thriving Wellbeing Expert
& Coach

Originally from Ireland, Anna spent many years working internationally in the education industry where she supported and guided learning and development for individuals, groups and corporate entities.

With a background in psychology, Anna became an international teacher because she saw it as an amazing opportunity to live her best life. Life as an international teacher came with so many amazing perks- great travel; opportunities to mix with new, like-minded people; free accommodation; free flights and a great salary. However the challenges of the job and lifestyle soon took over and Anna ended up feeling burnt-out, unfulfilled and desperate to make changes. 


Anna knew that a thriving life was possible but she couldn't find the support she needed to make it happen. So after studying a Masters in the psychology and science of happiness and wellbeing, she finally had the answers for herself and now she works to share those valuable lessons with other people who want to thrive in life. 


What's it like to work with Anna?

Anna’s open-minded and non-judgemental attitude is complemented by her international experience of engaging with many different communities, cultures, traditions and people from around the world.

Anna facilitates clients in a process of deep self-learning to enhance wellbeing. Her solution-focused and strength-based approach ensures high-quality, valuable learning experiences for every client. Being credible, highly qualified and appropriately accredited to offer the best services for clients is central to Anna’s philosophy.


What makes Anna different?

Anna is a qualified psychologist and accredited coach as well as she is also an experienced international educator. She is an expert in people development & growth.

Anna supports her clients with evidence-based, research support, action-orientated and solution-focused approaches. She doesn't have time for the fluffy, mumbo-jumbo that doesn't get results and neither do you. 

Are you the happiest you can be? Do you feel fulfilled? What can help you to be the best possible version of yourself?

My mission with Enhanced Wellbeing is for everyone to learn to be the best possible version of themselves. I want everyone to live a flourishing life and ultimately that starts with you prioritising your wellbeing. Wellbeing is about feeling good and functioning well in every aspect of your life. Your wellbeing is influenced by your mind, body, the people around you and the environment that you're in.

Wellbeing is not as simple as doing some self-care or meditating from time to time. Every single experience you have in a day can influence your wellbeing. So what can you do about it? Enhanced Wellbeing works with you to help you learn how to improve your wellbeing in every aspect of your life using up to date scientifically proven methods and individual objectives.


Enhanced wellbeing is linked to better overall health, better job performance, better academic achievement, better relationships, increased life satisfaction, happiness and much more. You deserve to be the happiest, most fulfilled and best version of yourself – Enhanced Wellbeing is here to help you learn how.

About EW

    Qualified & Accredited Expert Consultancy   

Unfortunately the wellbeing and mental health industry is saturated with unqualified and unaccredited opinions and advice. From podcasters to instagram influencers we are surrounded by people who give unfounded, empirically unsupported "advice". 


The job titles of  'coach' and even 'psychologist' are vastly unprotected and unregulated meaning that anyone can use these terms to describe what they do. Scarily, only 1.6% of coaches are actually certified or accredited with globally recognised associations that ensure a high level of competent and ethical practice.


With Enhanced Wellbeing you are guaranteed competent, ethical, qualified and accredited expert guidance.

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